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OPINION: The price tag of birthright

It’s February and promotion and recruiting for Taglit-Birthright trips to Israel is in full swing on campus. “Birthright” trips, which provide Jewish youth between the ages of 18-26 with an all expense-paid trip to the state of Israel, are advertised…


Regarding police and community relations

Burke Brownfeld / Guest Columnist Brownfeld is a 2009 graduate certificate recipient of Mason’s Institute of Conflict Analysis and Resolution and a former Alexandria (Va.) Police officer. Over the last months we have faced immense anger and tension with regard to…


OPINION: Individualism, collective dissent, and Ferguson

This opinion piece was originally publish in the Nov. 17 issue of Fourth Estate.  Over the past two months, more than 1,000 law enforcement officials have undergone 5,000 hours of “specialized training” in anticipation for the announcement of Darren Wilson’s…


OPINION: Free speech or incitement?

In response to one of Bill Maher’s recent anti-Islam tirades, a student group at the University of California at Berkeley petitioned the university to disinvite the talk-show host as their commencement speaker, citing Maher’s “offensive and dangerous rhetoric.” This petition,…

OPINION: Why should I vote?

In my Government 101 this semester, several students have written about friends who say: “Why should I vote? It doesn’t make any difference?” In a democratic society every adult, with some exceptions, has the right to vote:  But it is…

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OPINION: Gendercide an increasing global problem

In the small town of Braga, Portugal, a teenage girl dreams to learn how to ride a bike. She’s sixteen years old and her older sister just brought home a bike, for their two brothers. “Bikes are for boys, not…

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OPINION: Celebrity nude photo leak is a larger cultural problem

Women received yet another reminder of society’s disdain for their gender this past Labor Day weekend when an anonymous hacker flooded the Internet with nude photos of various female celebrities, including Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Hope Solo and Rihanna. Although…

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OPINION: Neutrality is complicity

One of the biggest lies we’ve been fed about the way the world works is the idea that there are two sides to every issue. From our elementary school teachers attempting to resolve disputes to pundits on cable news, this…