Photo Courtesy of Viviana Smith

Hello everyone, 

My name is Viviana Smith and I am Fourth Estate’s News Editor for the Fall 2023 semester. I am a junior majoring in Communications with a dual concentration in Journalism and Media Production and Criticism. I’m filled with many emotions about being News Editor, but excitement takes the cake. 

This feeling arises due to the many possibilities news stories can cover. News does not have one definitive meaning, which allows those who engage with it to take something away. Whether they gain a new perspective or a deeper understanding of a topic, news can unveil new and unexpected worlds.

Mason prides itself on diversity, considering it one of its strengths. The integrity of our university and its students forms the foundation of our Mason values, and any changes will not go unnoticed. Therefore, it is crucial to report stories of our diverse student body to our campus community. My goal as News Editor is to ensure that Mason’s stories are told and that our readers are informed about campus life. My intention is not to change people’s beliefs but to invite them to learn something new. 

Regardless of your field of interest, there will always be an opportunity to write for the News section. If you’re interested in writing, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Students interested in joining should email us at eic@gmufourthestate.com to get started.


Viviana Smith