Photo Courtesy of Aditi Goel

Diwali invites those to a festival of light, love and renewal. 


Diwali, the Indian festival of lights, illuminates on Nov. 12 this year. This letter appreciates the traditional values and cultures of our holiday. I will guide you through different aspects of Diwali and what they mean to me as a student, a daughter, an employee, and most importantly as a human being.

When we light a candle, it feels like we’re melting away negative thoughts. The wisdom within each of us fuels our journey, akin to the oil that keeps our lamps burning. Here, lighting candles symbolizes lighting our inner happiness, sharing the fragrance of hope and preserving a sense of self-worth. It’s about radiating goodness from the heart in all our thoughts and actions.

Next, we exchange gifts, candies and sweets during Diwali. It signifies the joy and contentment we share. It enhances and sweetens our relationships with ourselves and others. Next time you go Trick-or-Treating, think about this.

On Diwali, we create a rangoli in our homes, a design crafted from colored sand. It mirrors our vibrant nature. As diverse colors meld into beautiful art, individuals with varying personalities unite to form a beautiful, joyous world.

People also enjoy buying new clothes on Diwali.

Think about a time you wore a new dress. How did it make you feel? It brings a sense of newness and excitement. When feeling stuck, take a break and return with a fresh start. A new perspective can enrich anything.

In the month leading up to Diwali, there is an emphasis on cleaning our physical space, even those nooks and crannies where dust might go unnoticed. Whenever I clean out my closet or my study desk, I experience a refreshing sense of cleanliness. It clears the mind and sharpens our focus on priorities. Additionally, it paves the way for a clean heart free from jealousy, comparison, irritation or disappointment.

Families will often host Diwali parties to foster togetherness and cheerfulness, as it serves as a good reminder to be in the company of those whom you feel comfortable with and make you smile.

When we gather on Diwali, we pause to worship and embrace our inherent divine values. This invites good health and prosperity into our lives, amplified by our commitment to sincerity and authenticity toward ourselves and others.

Following this, we ignite fireworks and crackers, symbolizing excitement, bliss, joy, and abundance. Achieving our dream job, finding a partner with whom we can be ourselves, walking in a graduation ceremony or receiving recognition for a significant project: What do we feel? Sparkles of happiness.

Diwali is celebrated after Dussehra, a time when we commemorate the victory of good over evil. In moments of contemplation, ask yourself: “What makes me happy from within?” 

From this day forward, let each day be a celebration of being alive. Burn away negativity, surround yourself with good people and express gratitude for life’s blessings.