Photo Courtesy of Bryanna Miranda

Hello Everyone,

My name is Brandyn Fragosa, and I’ll be this year’s Opinion Editor for Fourth Estate! I’m a junior majoring in Communication with a concentration in Journalism, and I’m thrilled to assume the role of representing Mason students who want to share their opinions.

Our school takes pride in the diversity of its students. You have your voice, your culture and your experiences. That makes Fourth Estate the perfect platform as everyone’s voices can and will be heard! Is something on your mind? Whether you want to discuss pressing social issues, share your thoughts on government policies, or simply offer a review, I’m all ears and eager to hear from you. What you contribute matters. Your peers can learn from you, and this is what keeps Mason strong. 

In my position as Opinion Editor, I want to uplift and encourage you to take the space you need to tell your stories. It’s not just about getting your voice out there. You’ll also be building your communication skills with interviews, meeting students and faculty around campus, exploring Fairfax and surrounding cities as well as getting to know the world around you! 

If you’re interested in writing, please reach out to me through any of my contacts below. I want to work with you. I want to hear what you have to share. The world is full of stories just waiting to be told: Be the one to tell them! 

All the best,

Brandyn Fragosa