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What is Fourth Estate?

Executive Editor Frank Muraca’s parting letter from the editor to the Mason community: When I first sat down to write this letter, I spent a lot of time trying to tie all of the coverage I’ve worked on into one…

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What we built while you were away

Coming back from Spring Break you may have noticed something a little different about our website. Well, maybe a lot different. Last semester, we merged Connect2Mason and Broadside with the idea that we could better bring information to the Mason…

OPINION: The harm in “harmless” campus culture

About a month ago, an email sent over the Delta Zeta chapter of Sigma Chi fraternity listserv at William and Mary University gave everyone a look into the mind of one disgusting and disrespectful human being. The message spoke of…

Hau Chu & Frank Muraca

How do we save the news at Mason?

Fourth Estate Editors Frank Muraca and Hau Chu spend a lot of time discussing how best to inform the Mason community. In rapidly changing world of journalism and media, they thought it’d be most helpful to have this discussion publicly….