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I am a Junior film and video studies major. This is my 6th semester at the Fourth Estate. I started as Graphics Editor as a freshman. Last year, I was the Art Director. Currently, I am the Online Director of the organization. This means that I coordinate the multimedia and social sections of Fourth Estate and manage the website.

A Message to the JC Preachers

BY SEAN BIRDSEY, CONTRIBUTOR While antagonizing the preachers that visit our campus can be cathartic, it’s unproductive. They will not be swain, and instead see it as justification for proselytizing because we are apparently willfully ignorant of God, and thus…

MS Funny

By Billy Ferguson

Transparency Trainwreck

BY SARA DERISO, CONTRIBUTOR Last spring, Transparent GMU exposed several examples of undue donor influence here at Mason. This included revelations that the university allowed the Charles Koch Foundation and other donors to be involved in the hiring of faculty…

The Legend of the Bunnyman

BY CONNOR CUEVO If you’re from the area, you may be familiar with an enigmatic figure called the Bunnyman. He’s a local urban legend, a cryptid of sorts. The story has numerous variations, all incredibly ghastly. He lives under a…

Keep Toasty

By Alan Terrazas

MS Funny

By Billy Ferguson