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I am a Junior film and video studies major. This is my 5th semester at the Fourth Estate. I started as Graphics Editor as a freshman. Last year, I was the Art Director. Currently, I am the Online Director of the organization. This means that I coordinate the multimedia and social sections of Fourth Estate and manage the website.

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Money in Medicine

BY: JACE WHITE When discussing the evils of big corporations, it is not uncommon for someone to put forth the conspiracy theory that pharmaceutical companies already have the cure for cancer but won’t release it because they make more money…

Mixing Politics With Comedy

BY JACE WHITE At some point in 2015, a younger and more impressionable me watched a video produced by Last Week Tonight with John Oliver called “Ayn Rand: How is this still a thing?” In under four minutes, the video…

“Rethinking Lines” Artist Speaks to Mason Students

The artist behind the Fenwick Gallery exhibition, Mel Parada, gives a presentation BY NAYOMI SANTOS, STAFF WRITER Communication is unavoidable in everyday life. From billboards to street signs, everything has a message. Mel Parada aims to change that. For the past…

October Horoscopes

The signs as fall activities BY MONICA ECHOLS, CULTURE EDITOR Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) – Happy Libra season! Libras love to have a good time, so planning a costume party would be a great fall activity. Invite some of your…

Differences Make Us Closer

Shades of Brown showcase celebrates Hispanic Heritage month BY ALLY MCALPINE, ART DIRECTOR Last Wednesday, cheerful chatter, the chime of steel drums, melodic prose and smooth jazz drifted out from the back corner of the Johnson Center (JC). The crowd…

Mason Weekly Crime Log

BY JACK HARVEY, STAFF WRITER Friday, Sept. 28, 2018 – Kennedy Hall, 12:22 a.m. Drug/Narcotic Violations / Possession of Fictitious ID: Four Subjects (GMU) were referred to Office of Student Conduct (OSC) for possessing illegal drugs. One of the four was…