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Hi! My name is Angelique. I am a junior Communication major with a concentration in Media Production & Criticism, and a minor in Political Communication. I enjoy video production, editing, and all things broadcast journalism. Fourth Estate is an outlet I've used to practice my hand at print journalism. My dream is to be a travelling MMJ/TV News Reporter.

Hidden Hangouts: H Mart in Fairfax

A one-stop shop and nearby hangout spot BY ANGELIQUE ARINTOK, STAFF WRITER A mere 10 to 15 minutes away from the Fairfax campus, H Mart is a hidden gem tucked along Fairfax Boulevard near Duck Donuts and Rita’s Italian Ice….

Mason’s Newest Support Resource for First-Generation Students

A freshly tailored and expansive website looks to cater to first-generation students and their allies BY ANGELIQUE ARINTOK, STAFF WRITER A 2015 research study showed that 33 percent of Mason undergraduate students were first-generation, according to the homepage of….

Midterm Madness

Helpful tips on how students stay on top during exam season BY ANGELIQUE ARINTOK, STAFF WRITER The days before spring break are always the toughest. Mason’s very own students are looking forward to some relaxation during the break, but before…

What Is Love?

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, find out what Mason students think of the holiday BY ANGELIQUE ARINTOK, STAFF WRITER In 2019, the expected amount of Americans celebrating Valentine’s Day is down to 51 percent compared to 63 percent back…

The Student Consensus On Starship Robots

Mason students’ candid experiences with the new food delivery system BY ANGELIQUE ARINTOK, STAFF WRITER The group of 25 semi-autonomous robots making their way through campus is captivating attention from some big fans—the Mason students. It didn’t take long for…

Satisfying Students’ Cravings, One Taco At A Time

Checking in with the taqueria. How has business been & what’s to come? BY ANGELIQUE ARINTOK, STAFF WRITER It’s been nearly two months since Taco Bamba’s University Mall location opened for business. Along with Fairfax, other locations of the taqueria…

Winter Break Adventures

Check out what Mason students have planned for the long-awaited break BY ANGELIQUE ARINTOK, STAFF WRITER After a long semester filled with papers, assignments and Blackboard discussion posts, a long-awaited  winter break is nearly here for Mason’s hard-working students. They…

Prepping for the Polls Pre-Election Day

Mason student voters are engaging in political discourse before the midterm elections BY ANGELIQUE ARINTOK, STAFF WRITER While awaiting the midterm elections, students on campus are taking the lead in creating a political conversation. On the night of Thursday, Nov….

Pathways to Students’ Futures

Professionals share what it’s like to work in the communication field BY ANGELIQUE ARINTOK, STAFF WRITER On Tuesday, Oct. 23, the Department of Communication’s Insight Committee hosted the 8th Annual Communication Forum in Dewberry Hall. Kicking off with a power outage,…

Samuel J. Comroe Headlines Mason’s Comedy Circuit

BY ANGELIQUE ARINTOK, STAFF WRITER On the night of Thursday, Oct. 18, the Patriot Activities Council (PAC) and Student Involvement hosted a sold-out comedy show featuring some of Mason’s most talented comics and “America’s Got Talent” finalist, Samuel J. Comroe….