Letter from the Editor

Hey Patriots, 

I hope everyone had a moderately successful first week back from Spring Break, and a first week with online classes. I admit, I had to sit through some classes with technical issues, but I appreciated my professors’ willingness to work with everyone in my classes this week. 

That being said, since April Fools’ Day is coming up this week, my Co Editor Hailey and I were happy to bring back another issue of Faux Estate. Our team worked hard to produce content relating to our normal weekly issues, as well as some fun content for Faux Estate. 

We all agreed everyone at Mason could use the laughs right about now. 

That being said, check out our News section for more information on Mason’s new policy regarding pass/fail — you can find that here

Additionally, Faux Estate’s news team also put together a Faux Crime Log for more information on crimes so terrible you wouldn’t believe they’re real! Find that here.

Our Culture Editor, Peter, wrote about how two Mason social work students were working together to help their communities survive the coronavirus. Check that out here

Our regular feature, Hidden Hangouts, was taken over by Faux Escovered the best places to hang out inside your childhood home! Read more on that here

Check out our Sports section for a powerful piece this week about how sports can provide a sense of comfort during uncertain times. Check that out here.

Faux Estate also was able to convert our Sports section into the Sprouts section this week! This week, our Sprouts team is bringing us more information on Mason Cable News’ plans to re-run Mason basketball’s 2006 Final Four win. Read more about where to watch this on March 32 here. 

And our Opinion section is delivering the Mason community with the hot take that construction should last forever! I know, it sounds insane, but read until the end and I promise you’ll feel the same. Check that out here.

As always, if you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact us at masonfourthestate@gmail.com.



Dana Nickel

Co Editor-in-Chief