Hidden Hangouts: Home Edition

The best kept secrets for food, music and entertainment 


Editor’s Note: This piece is a work of fiction written for Fourth Estate’s satire issue, Faux Estate.

Fourth Estate/Maggie Roth

With campus closed and social distancing measures in place, many of us are finding ourselves trapped indoors and feeling restless, but just because you’re suddenly housebound doesn’t mean you don’t have options for fun and lively places to spend your day! 

Step out of your bedroom and start thinking outside the self-isolation box with some of these lesser-known hangouts to literally hide from your family.

One of the hidden gems I’ve found is my older sister’s abandoned childhood bedroom! With its brightly colored walls, forgotten storage boxes and a calendar from December 2017 hanging on the wall, it’s got a unique ambiance that really lends itself to the surrealist times that we are living in.

As with any of my favorite spots in the outside world, the clientele of the establishment makes a big difference in the quality of my experience there, and this place passes the test.

The weeknight regulars are a crowd of charming stuffed animals that give the room a homey and comfortable vibe. The occasional cameo from a spider I keep noticing out of the corner of my eye keeps me on my toes and supplies that little hint of thrill that makes any good hangout exciting.

To shake things up, make your way downstairs after hours! This one might seem obvious, but once the clock strikes 10:30 p.m. and my parents head to bed, the living room and kitchen transform into an exclusive nightlife experience where only my cats and I have VIP passes.

The dimmed lights and near-silence give this particular hangout spot a unique, thrilling mood. Since it’s just you there, the possibilities for entertainment are endless (as long as you don’t wake anybody up). Baking cookies, doing a puzzle, watching a movie — everything seems a little more fun when you’re free from the prying eyes of your family.

Pro tip: If the first half of this semester still has you programmed to be awake into the early hours of the morning, this is a great place to fill that extra time!

Finally, just because you can’t go out in public doesn’t mean you can’t get outside to see the sun. If you’ve got a backyard, use it! Maybe the last time you went outside to play was when you were 10 years old, but COVID-19 is bringing recess back in vogue.

You’ve got your very own private campus right here to keep you healthy, sane and still at a safe social distance.

Wherever you choose to spend your time in quarantine, just make sure to keep yourself and your family healthy, stay positive and take care of yourself.