This Week in Politics

Monday, Feb. 25

Vice President Pence meets in Bogotá, Colombia, with South American leaders including Juan Guaidó.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, 2020 presidential candidate, attends a town hall hosted by CNN.

Tuesday, Feb. 26

Michael Cohen testifies before the Senate Intelligence Committee, behind closed doors.

The House passes a resolution of disapproval toward the national emergency declaration by Trump over border-wall funding.

Wednesday, Feb. 27

Michael Cohen testifies before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, accusing Trump of criminal activity.

President Trump meets with Kim Jong Un in second historic summit.

Thursday, Feb 28

Trump leaves summit with Kim Jong Un without a deal, citing that he would not meet Kim’s demands.

Bryce Harper leaves the Nationals for record-setting $330 million contract with Philadelphia Phillies.

The New York Times reports that Trump demanded security clearance for former chief of staff and current son-in-law Jared Kushner.

Friday, March 1

CNN reports that more than 1,000 TSA agents have not be fully reimbursed with back pay for their work during January’s government shutdown.

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee announces his 2020 presidential bid and states he will run solely on raising alarm on climate change.