Say Yes to Yoga


By Angelique Arintok, Staff Writer

Ashley Whimpey is a Utah native; she moved to Northern Virginia to study Communication at Mason. Whimpey is currently a senior and aims to graduate in December. Her studies concentrate in Media Production & Criticism, she recently won a scholarship at the 59th Capital Emmy Awards, and has conducted Communication research under the Office of Student Scholarship, Creative Activities, and Research (OSCAR).

Along with her duties as a full-time student, Whimpey is also a teacher—a teacher of well-being and fitness.

Whimpey loves yoga and the gym. “I have always been active,” Whimpey said. Once a week, Whimpey teaches a yoga class at the Recreation & Athletic Complex (RAC) here at Mason. Her love and investment for yoga has led her to influence other students on campus.

“I was a dancer my whole life and when I began to leave the dance world, I needed a supplement,” Whimpey said.

She danced as a child and inherited a knack for yoga from her father, who she says bought her a Manduka mat and Tibetan singing bowl.

Whimpey’s yoga supplement made her stronger, physically and emotionally. She remains fit and has gained lots of friends because of her love for yoga. Whimpey says that not only is she interested in this hobby, but she is “also really into overall wellness, and the research surrounding it.”

During her time at Mason, Whimpey was involved in a psychology lab. She says, “[the lab] focused on social and emotional well-being,” urging her to think more about yoga, fitness, and health as it pertains to the overall effect on the human body.  Whimpey asserts that yoga is a mechanism that “really allows [her] to have moving meditation that lets [her] mind and body get on the same page.”

She thinks of yoga as lifestyle beyond the mat. Her classes are geared to instilling overall strength and confidence in her students, “allowing energy flow and successes to be loud and proud,” Whimpey said. After a yoga class, Whimpey feels both excited and rewarded to witness students who appear serene and totally relaxed.  

As a yoga fanatic, Whimpey also uses social media to reach an entirely new audience. Aside from the Mason demographic, Whimpey is guaranteed to add joy to your media feed with her crazy poses. She says that her posts relate to “[her] philosophy and also as accountability to keep [herself] going.”

To Whimpey, yoga is not a stationary activity—yoga is dynamic and exciting. It ultimately allows her to be her best self. She is glad that she said “yes,” to yoga, and hopes for her students to feel the same.

If you’re interested in learning how to pose and practice yoga like Ashley Whimpey, follow her on Instagram (@ashleywhimpey) and view her yoga schedule at

Photos Courtesy of Ashley Whimpey