How to social distance while you date


It might not sound terribly exciting, but it is possible to date and maintain a relationship while following social-distancing guidelines. Here are some fun and safe date ideas to consider when planning to spend time with your significant other. 

Date #1: Homebodies

Now that movie theaters are closed, “dinner and a movie” dates are postponed. That doesn’t mean you can’t have one at home. Imitate the theater experience by buying your favorite movie theater candy and popcorn. Then, get on a Zoom or Facetime call to watch a movie together. This is especially fun because you can watch your partner’s reactions, which normally you wouldn’t see in a dark movie theater. 

Date #2: Good vibes only

Have a long Facetime chat where you share your favorite songs with your significant other. Think LED lights, dancing and lots of singing to your favorite songs — kind of like putting on your own virtual concert. This date makes for funny memories and gives you an opportunity to let loose and be silly with your significant other. 

Date #3: Foodies

There is no better surprise than good food. No matter how far your partner is from you, you can send a surprise food delivery to their house. In apps such as DoorDash, you can add notes to meals so the delivery can accompany a heartfelt note.

Date #4: Travelers

With current travel restrictions in place, having a romantic vacation abroad is probably on hold, but if you love traveling with your significant other, take a road trip within your state. Before traveling, sit down with your partner and make a list of all the places you want to visit. You can minimize risk by checking local guidelines regarding COVID-19 and bringing masks and hand sanitizer to remain safe. If you arrive at a place with lots of people, minimize contact by social distancing. Overall, make sure you have fun and are safe.

Date #5: Animal lovers

If you and your significant other love animals, now is a great time to adopt. Lots of people have adopted animals during this time to serve not only as a companion but help keep them company at home. Call your local animal shelter and schedule an appointment to go in and see the animals that are up for adoption. Keep in mind that adopting isn’t a free process, but it still is very rewarding to welcome an animal that will love and cherish you.