WiFi Upgrade at EagleBank Arena

By Tyler Byrum, Contributor

No need to worry about your data plan when heading to a basketball game this season. This summer George Mason Athletics announced a new partnership with Mobilitie to enhance the wireless network at EagleBank Arena.

The company has a history of working with some of the top sporting venues in the country. This includes the Kentucky Derby, the Honda Center, and Camping World Stadium. While increasing the overall broad coverage at the Arena, it is intended to bring faster upload and download speeds, and improved reliability as compared to the previous wireless network.

Across the facility there are several small digital antennas, remotes, and over a mile of fiber and coax cable to help pull of the goals of the new network.

This coverage will be available during all EagleBank Arena events, not just limited to the men’s and women’s basketball games.

For years the coverage at the arena has been spotty at best. It is notorious among students for having terrible speed and does not meet the modern day demands for sports entertainment. Watching a sporting event is more than just sitting and watching a game. Now, that has grown to engaging on Twitter and other social media platforms and even watching and following along to another game.

But in short, homework is no longer an excuse for not making out to a game.