The Mason Bucketlist

Photo by Erika Eisenacher

Photo by Erika Eisenacher

We asked the following question to Mason seniors and recent graduates: what is [at least] one thing you wish you had done or glad you did during your time at Mason? If you are a senior, perhaps there is still time to do cross some ideas off of your bucketlist. If not, take notes and get started.

1. Danielle Wyman, 2008 Mason alum and Manager of Outreach and Engagement for the Office of Sustainability, commented, “I would say that the one thing I would have liked to have done as a student would have been the Smithsonian Mason Conservation Semester (although I don’t think this program had been developed when I was an undergraduate student at Mason from 2005 2008). I am constantly hearing about how amazing and transformative that program is and I’m sure would have loved to participate in it!”

2. Sarah Wardle, Communications major and winter 2014 grad, wished she went to a basketball game.

3. “I wish I would have taken more art classes. And before I graduate I want to take a picture with Angel Cabrera and have him tweet and Instagram it,” Shelley O’Conor, senior Art History major, said.

4. Karla Perez-Paz, senior Communications major, wished she studied abroad over the summer.

5. “I’ve always wanted to run through the fountains in the spring! It seems like an exciting way to de-stress from finals and launch into the warm season!” Dana Ronan, business management senior, said.

6. Anugh Shrestha, winter 2014 grad and Applied Information Technology major, wished he went attended more concerts at the Patriot Center and joined a fraternity.

7. “I guess I wish I had stressed less this year. Because I have twelve billion things to do, but also it’s my last semester and everything will work out eventually. Also I am super happy I got involved with all the orgs I did: NSCS, Lambda Sigma (both honor societies), and also the Democrats and all the campaigns I’ve gotten to work on,” Alice Visocchi, a senior government and international politics major, said.

8. Danielle DeSouza, Business Management major and spring 2010 graduate, wished she went to more basketball/baseball/soccer games and went to Homecoming.

9. “As for stuff I can still do before graduation, which I will hopefully get around to before I leave, those for the most part are smaller in scale. Those things are for example putting my feet in the Mason pond, going to the Wharf in DC, paddle boating in the Tidal Basin, and playing soccer on The National Lawn,” senior Anthropology major, Sofia Losada, said. “Lastly, for stuff I wish I had done but I didn’t do, I really wish I had learned how to play the guitar, which is kinda random but hey. I also wish I had joined student government and worked on my ideas to make campus more culturally friendly during the holiday season. I also wish I had done more research with professors–I did some but I know I could have definitely done more. Lastly, I wish I had studied abroad for a semester; two weeks was amazing but I would have done anything to stay for an extra amount of time.”

10. Ronald Flores, senior and Community Health major, wished he lived on campus.

Raquel DeSouza, assistant online news editor, contributed to this piece.