Indoor blizzard bootcamp

No one wants to trudge through the 30 inches of snow, ice and sludge just to go sweat it out at the gym. Instead, take advantage of your home and turn it into your personal gym. With these quick tips, in seconds you can turn your living room into a workout lover’s paradise.

At-home arm workout recommendations:

Have a chair? Good. Grab it and use it to complete tricep dips.

Push ups. If you can’t perform push ups, then you can make it a little easier. Put your knees on the ground and get to work!

Leg workout recommendations:

Get ready to jump! Even with limited resources in your house, there are a lot of variations of the same exercise you can perform. Squats can be adjusted in a wide variety of ways for maximum impact.

You can complete the common squat.

Add a little jump to the squat to really feel the burn.

Or add a bigger leap.

If squats are not your ideal workout, then grab the wall across from your TV and do wall sits in 45 second installments.

Finish your leg workout by completing some standing lunges.

In-house cardio recommendations:

Without a treadmill or elliptical at home, it can be difficult to get in cardio workouts when you are trying to avoid the cold. Here are some not-so-typical cardio workouts

Burpees might not have the best reputation, but they will definitely help you build up a sweat!

Get those arms pumping and do a few sets of jumping jacks during the commercial breaks.

Take advantage of your staircase. Run up, run down, repeat. You can skip steps, put both feet on each step or one foot per step — mix it up!

Now that you know the snow is no excuse to sit still, jump off the sofa and get to work.

If you are one of the brave few to trudge out into the cold to workout, make sure you double check  Mason Recreation’s website for updated hours.

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