Student government removes undersecretary of dining over tweets

Update (Feb. 25): Storm Paglia has provided an official statement to Fourth Estate regarding his removal from Student Government. Fourth Estate will continue to follow this story as it develops.

Statement from Storm Paglia


George Mason University’s Student Government has announced the removal of a student representative, confirmed as Storm Paglia, former executive undersecretary for university services for dining services, after comments he made on Twitter were deemed offensive.

Paglia sent out the following tweets on Feb. 13 regarding undocumented people in the United States.

Storm Tweet 2 Storm Tweet 3


“While we all live in a society that permits us to express our opinions, we must also recognize that we live with the consequences of their impact on those we represent, wrote Student Body President Phillip Abbruscato in an official statement to the university. “The organization was made aware of concerns from students regarding comments made by an individual member of the organization.”

Paglia was installed into his position last May by Abbruscato and confirmed by the Student Senate. He is also the current General Manager of WGMU Radio and the former President of Sigma Alpha Epsilon on Mason’s campus.

“Student government does not in any way condone or endorse these comments,” Abbruscato wrote. “Demeaning or profane remarks made of any kind made by members of Student Government will not be tolerated at any level regardless of belief.”

Abbruscato’s statement affirmed the importance of diversity in Student Government’s work, particularly when it comes to representing the entire student body.

“Our organization embraces a multitude of students and ideas and our diversity sparks innovation, new ideas emerge when different points of view come together,” Abbruscato wrote.

The statement mentions that positions in the Executive Cabinet are now open, but Black Mason United will also be hosting an informational event tonight on “Minorities in Student Government” at the Office of Diversity Inclusion and Multicultural Education.

When asked, Paglia declined to make a comment at this time but did say he was in the process of exploring means of recourse.