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Reem is a junior, majoring in English and double minoring in Journalism and International Relations. She has been with the Fourth Estate since fall of 2013.

Fairfax to host global games for public safety officials

Local residents will find the opportunity to cheer on public safety officials from around the world in a series of competitive events called the World Police and Fire Games. The Games, which happen biennially, will take place June 26 to…

Faculty members seek fossil fuel divestment

This story was originally published in the April 20 print issue. Additional reporting by Ellen Glickman. A petition was released among faculty urging Mason to fully divest from fossil fuels. The petition contains a letter addressed to Mason president Ángel…

Cabrera no show remains unexplained

This story was originally published in the March 23 print issue. An “Ask Dr. Cabrera” event was supposed to take place on March 18; however, President Cabrera did not attend, and no one substituted in his absence. No statement was released explaining the situation….

Adjunct faculty hold “teach in” for better treatment

Students and faculty at George Mason University participated a “teach in” called Adjunct Dignity Day in solidarity with national Adjunct Walkout Day.  The event occurred on campuses across the United States on Feb. 25. The teach-in was organized by the…

Food pantry to address student homelessness

This story was originally published in the Feb. 9 issue of Fourth Estate. A storage closet in Sub 1 was converted into a Pop Up Pantry to help homeless and financially unstable students. The closet houses supplies such as non-perishable…

Award winners honored for social activism

This story was originally published in the Feb. 2 issue of Fourth Estate Below are excerpts of interviews with the recipients of the Spirit of King Award, which honors those who have made contributions to developing a multicultural campus community….