Fourth Estate/Allison Alberty

Unattended packages in Mason’s mailroom left by delivery companies causes a discussion about package security on Mason’s Reddit page.


Mason’s mailroom has experienced an increase of unattended packages left by delivery companies, causing students to question the security of their packages. 

According to a Reddit post, “This is how GMU mailroom treats student packages over weekend… no security, no anything.” The post features a photo of stacked packages on a mail room table left unattended. 

Mason students responded to the post, concerned for the safety and security of the packages. Commenting on the post, people discussed the issue of the packages and proposed solutions. 

Redditor /u/xeu100 claimed that the issue was due to the delivery of packages on the weekends and that it is Mason’s responsibility to work something out with delivery companies to ensure the safety of the student’s packages. 

Mason’s mailroom claims that they are in contact with the delivery companies about the issue, however, delivery companies place packages in various locations around campus despite clear instructions from Mason’s mailroom staff. 

The mailroom stated that their hours of operation are Monday through Friday and that packages are not able to be accepted during the weekend. Delivery companies, such as Amazon, deliver packages on weekends during the office’s closed hours. With no staff to receive the packages, the deliveries are left outside of the mailroom. The packages remain in the spots the delivery companies leave them until the mailroom staff returns on Monday morning. 

Sophomore Ximena Espinoza-Perez regularly gets packages from Amazon through Mason’s mailroom. 

“It makes me feel kind of sketch. How am I going to debate about where my packages are with the mailroom staff if they don’t even know what’s going on.”

When asked about how the situation has changed how she will use Mason’s mailroom in the future, Espinoza-Perez said, “I would get it from the mailroom, just not with Amazon.”

According to Amazon’s Delivery and Logistics, efficient delivery is an essential part of their mission in excellent customer service. Amazon also states its operations offer “fast, reliable delivery for customers.”

Sophomore Elizabeth Clark expressed her concern about the safety of students’ packages.

“I haven’t had any issues but it wouldn’t be so hard for someone to take it.” 

In the Reddit post, individuals proposed the addition of an Amazon locker or integrating a temporary key service for the deliveries that are made during the weekend. The addition of an Amazon locker could “take the pressure off Mason’s mailroom”, according to Clark.

The mailroom continues to have issues with delivery companies leaving packages with mail services during non-operating hours despite communicating this concern with companies.