Fourth Estate/Allison Alberty

Happy Friday Patriots! 

Campus is still buzzing from the Homecoming events last week and a big men’s basketball win! There is still so much to look forward to this spring as the weather begins to warm up and spring break is just around the corner!     

This week… 

Student Alaina Ruffin received a pat from a staff member commending her for being an amazing student leader. They said, “Being your advisor has been a blessing to me and seeing how you lead other students with kindness and grace is inspiring. The future is bright for you and I can’t wait to see the amazing things you do out in the world!” 

Staff member and graduate student Philip Wilkerson received a pat for his hard work wondering “Does this man ever sleep?!?!” A fellow graduate student and staff member said, “Philip’s commitment to Mason’s Kindness Ambassador program is contagious. His positivity and ability to elevate others is exemplary. I’ve been fortunate to experience this first hand as students in the same PhD cohort as he truly puts his kindness beliefs into action, nominating others for recognition and providing opportunities for others to pay it forward.” 

Faculty member Meeghan Milette received a pat from a fellow faculty member for her great positive energy. They said, “Meeghan is always smiling, the positive vibes are enough to bring joy to someone’s day.” 

Let’s all take inspiration from Meeghan and spread positive vibes this week! The editors of The Fourth Estate would like to send a special pat to our photographer Mitchell Richtmyre for kindly taking headshots of our team this week. 

More Pats for Patriots coming soon!