Fourth Estate/Allison Alberty

Welcome back, Patriots! There has been lots of energy on campus after spring break. With much warmer weather, and the cherry blossoms on campus beginning to bloom, it is safe to say spring is upon us! 

This week… 

Student Hena Naderi received an encouraging pat from a staff member who was impressed with her acts of service. “I was so impressed with the fact that you were collecting blankets for others to send through the embassy. Balancing school and service is not easy but it makes the world a better place. Keep it up!” 

Staff member Fermina Mejia-Green received a pat for being “an all-around amazing individual.” A fellow staff member of hers says, “Fermina consistently shows up for other people whether that be colleagues, campus partners, alumni, students, etc.” They described her as the glue that holds their office together and feel better for knowing her. 

College of Science student Azriele Harris received a pat from a fellow staff member for organizing the Mason International Kindness Day. Her grateful colleague says, “You really worked hard on designing a fun and relevant event. I also appreciate your creativity and initiative in collecting data and plans to share it with the team. I’m proud of you and happy to work with you.” The fellow staff member says they are also grateful that she offered them snacks! 

College of Engineering and Computing student Andrew Hutsell received a pat from a friend for showing extra care and concern for their health in a time of need. “Andrew went to the store and bought medical supplies for me late at night so I could still play in our baseball game the next morning, and didn’t allow me to pay him back,” his friend says. 

Let’s keep looking out for our friends, Patriots! The Fourth Estate would like to send a special pat to all of Mason Nation as we begin the second half of the semester. Keep up the great work!