Fourth Estate/Allison Alberty

Welcome to the final Pats for Patriots of the year! 

Another school year has come and gone. So many things have changed throughout this year but many have stayed the same as well. Mason Nation continues to grow, innovate, create, fight for what they believe in, celebrate diversity, have fun and most importantly: be kind. 

This week…

Faculty member Carollei McMillan received a pat for being an amazing planner and communicator. “I am always so thankful for your input and brain power. You’re a fun and sweet person and I am so happy to know and work with you.” Her fellow faculty member also admires Carollei’s work ethic and says she has “such a good groove going.”

Student Genamarie McCant received a pat for her hard work on “Take Your Junior Patriot to Work” day. A staff member thanked her and showed their appreciation for helping out at the Mason Chooses kindness station and “taking amazing pictures!” 

Kathryn Mangus, the Director of Student Media, received a pat for being a “model of kindness for her students and staff.”

One example of Kathryn’s kindness is that each year, she spends her own money to buy her entire team Girl Scout cookies. She takes orders so that every employee and student gets the cookies they love most. Her fellow faculty member says, “This small act of kindness makes such a big difference!” 

Student Athlete Jordan Smith received a pat for his kindness before a big game. “Thank you for taking a picture with my son and his friend at the Baseball game last week.” The grateful staff member and fan says they “had a blast at the game rooting for the #MasonNation baseball team!” 

The Fourth Estate would like to send several final pats of the school year to Mason Nation. We want to wish the best of luck to all students and faculty as we push through finals to the end of the semester, you got this! Congratulations to all of the spring 2023 graduates on your hard work and accomplishment! 

Have a restful, safe, and adventurous summer Patriots!