Welcome back, Patriots! These days, there is a lot happening and a lot to look forward to on campus. Fall Break is this weekend and the kickoff to basketball season, Mason Madness, is quickly approaching! 

This week…

Student Zuri Hodnett received a pat from a fellow student for helping a struggling friend. “She also helps me with my schoolwork and keeps me smiling.” 

Mason Athletic Department staff member Taylor Boskett received a pat for his help promoting the Mason Rock The Block event. In addition, he not only attended the event but distributed information and engaged with visitors ensuring they had a positive experience. His grateful colleague says he “represented Athletics with excellence and supported community relations!” 

Student Nathan Park received a pat for taking time out of his day to perform a simple act of kindness. Nathan helped a fellow student carry items across campus that she was struggling with. She says “When I asked for help, he didn’t hesitate to say yes.” 

Student Anoosheh Syeda received a pat from a faculty member in the Student Involvement Office. Anoosheh was thanked for “being a role model for the student staff, always giving 100%, and overall positivity in the office!”  

Continue to spread kindness Mason nation, we never know the impact that a seemingly simple favor may have on others. The Fourth Estate would like to send a special pat to everyone as we begin midterm exams, you got this!