Bring On the Dynasties

Ally McAlpine/Fourth Estate


If you have tuned into any form of media lately, you may have noticed that the New England Patriots are in the Super Bowl again. You probably have also heard some complaints about the Patriots being in the Super Bowl again.

However, I happen to believe that dynasties are good for the game.

Before I go any further, I will admit I am a born and raised fan of University of Connecticut (UConn) basketball, the Patriots and the New York Yankees.  

Dynasties bring attention to the game, and while many may say they hate that the Patriots are in the Super Bowl, they will still be watching. If UConn is playing, people will be watching both on TV and in the stands. And there are few things that bring baseball fans together more than hating the Yankees.  

The Yankees are less of a modern dynasty, not having been to the World Series since they won it in 2009. However, five of their 27—yes, 27—World Series pennants have come since 1996. That does not stop the rest of baseball from hating the Yankees, though. Being a powerhouse for most of the early years of baseball, while having more than twice as many pennants as the team currently in second place, would put a target on anyone’s back.

UConn’s Women’s Basketball team has won 11 National Championships since 1995, all under head coach Geno Auriemma.

Does Auriemma have more NCAA Championships than any other coach? Yes.

Have the Huskies been to the Final Four every year since 2008? Yes.

Did UConn win four straight Championships? Yes.

Do the Huskies hold three of the top four longest winning streaks in Men’s or Women’s Basketball? Yes.

But are they bad for the game? Not at all.  

Their game against Louisville on Jan. 31 was the most highly attended Women’s Basketball game this season. UConn’s winning ways have brought more national attention to the game and their success. Along with attracting more national media attention to the game as a whole, it has helped to grow the game.

There is the argument that no one wants to watch UConn because you know they are going to win. But why not watch for the quality of basketball?

UConn plays a fundamentally sound type of basketball that is satisfying to watch. They execute their game plan with a precision that may never be seen again.   

This is a dynasty that will likely never be repeated in Men’s or Women’s basketball, and it should be enjoyed.

Slight sidetrack: Though many would not consider the UConn Men’s Basketball team a dynasty, it should be noted that they have won more NCAA Championships (four) than any other Men’s Basketball team since 1995.

And we are back to the Patriots. No, the Super Bowl is not boring because the Patriots are in it again. No one is saying the NBA Finals are boring because the last four matchups have been the Golden State Warrior and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Patriots are not winning every Super Bowl. However, the level of greatness that Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are achieving may not be repeated ever in the salary cap era.

Greatness should be celebrated, and not hated. You are experiencing history. Enjoy it.