Letter from the Editor

Dear Patriots,

I cannot overstate what an incredible experience it’s been to be your Editor-In-Chief this semester. While we have had our ups and downs, our dramas and late nights, our successes and our failures, I would not change a second of it.

We started this semester with a 20-page paper and eight color pages. We are ending it with 28 pages and 12 color pages—a hugely significant moment in Fourth Estate history. It’s truly amazing to have such a dedicated and talented staff to carry the paper just about every week.

And we’ve heard you. We know what you have liked, what you have loved, what you have ignored and what you have downright hated. You will see some changes in Fourth Estate next semester, including a new partnership with the NOVA Advance program, a revamped Opinions section, a brand-new investigative team, new video projects and (hopefully) a new website. We are also making new strategies for advertising, distribution and social media to get closer to being the best student paper you could ask for.

It’s been a long, difficult and hugely rewarding semester. My door is always open to you, and as always, you can reach us directly at masonfourthestate@gmail.com.



Alexander Shedd

Editor In Chief