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Democrats scramble for House seat in District 10

INCUMBENT REP. BARBARA COMSTOCK FACES A COMPETITIVE MIDTERM ELECTION By Alexander Shedd, News Assistant Editor Although midterm elections in the U.S. normally see a significantly lower turnout than presidential elections, they can still be highly contentious. In Congressional District 10,…


State Senator pushes for marijuana decriminalization

A BILL IN STATE LEGISLATURE INTRODUCES RELAXED PUNISHMENT FOR FIRST-TIME OFFENDERS By Alexander Shedd, News Assistant Editor A state senator has introduced a new bill to the state legislature that would relax certain parts of the laws for marijuana-related offenses….


Virginia Gubernatorial Race Approaches Finsih Line

CANDIDATES RECEIVE IMPORTANT LAST-MINUTE ENDORSEMENTS  By Alexander Shedd, Assistant News Editor As the Virginia gubernatorial race enters its final week, both candidates received important endorsements from some of the country’s biggest political names. Republican candidate Ed Gillespie most recently received…

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Transparent GMU: What You Need to Know

STUDENT ORGANIZATION MOVES FORWARD WITH LAWSUIT AGAINST SCHOOL By Alexander Shedd, Assistant News Editor  Transparent GMU, a student organization that “aims to shed light on the on the potential undue influence of GMU donors,” is moving forward with a lawsuit…

President Ángel Cabrera speaks at the Johnson Center North Plaza naming ceremony in honor of Roger Wilkins, professor of history and American culture. Photo by Evan Cantwell/Creative Services

President Cabrera Dedicates North Plaza to Roger Wilkins

THE FORMER MASON PROFESSOR WAS A CIVIL RIGHTS LEADER AND PULITZER-PRIZE WINNING JOURNALIST By Alex Shedd and Michael Eberhart, News Editors President Cabrera took to the North Plaza last Thursday, Oct. 12 to give tribute to Roger Wilkins, a civil…


Civil Rights figure Jesse Jackson speaks at Mason

By Alexander Shedd, Staff Writer A notable Civil Rights figure, Reverend Jesse Jackson, spoke to George Mason students in the Harris Theater on Friday, Sept. 15. The event was hosted by Mason’s Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Multicultural Education (ODIME)….

Perriello Discusses DeVos’s Education Agenda with Students

By Alexander Shedd, Staff Writer Tom Perriello, former 2017 Democratic candidate for governor in Virginia and current CEO of WinVirginia, a political action group directed towards supporting Democratic candidates for the House of Delegates in Virginia, held a conference call…

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Charlottesville and the Gubernatorial Race

HOW OUR VIRGINIA LEADERS’ RESPONSES CAN SHAPE THE OUTCOME OF THE ELECTION  By: Alexander Shedd, Staff Writer Protesters of the “Unite the Right” rally assembled in Charlottesville, Virginia’s on August 12th to protest the proposed removal of the statue of Confederate…