Best places to cry at Mason

I admit it, I am a crier. I cried recently at the end of “Furious 7,” so I know it’s a problem. I have what I like to call over-productive tear ducts. This article marks one of my contributions to Fourth Estate, and in the coming weeks I have finals and graduation, so there are bound to be tears. When one of the other editors showed me a Washington Post article on the best places to cry in the nation’s capital, it became my mission to do this for the crying community at Mason.

1. The Mason Pond

Best places to cry on campus 2015

Students Evan Elsmo and Eddie Oh join news editor Raquel DeSouza and I for a good cry. Photo by Amy Podraza.

The pond is the perfect place to cry for a picturesque spring view. You have trees, art, and if you don’t want to be completely alone, now the geese are there to keep you company.

2. The courtyards between Thompson Hall and the Finley Building

Best places to cry on campus 2015

Photo by Amy Podraza.

You know you won’t be interrupted here because most people don’t even know where these buildings are. If you find it I promise you will love it.

3.The ends of the hallways in Potomac Heights

Best places to cry on campus 2015

Photo by Amy Podraza.

At the end of the hallways in Potomac there are benches, for who knows what reason. They remind me of being put in time out when you were younger and you probably cried there, so why not in Potomac?

4. The bathroom on the bottom floor of the HUB

Best places to cry on campus 2015

Photo by Amy Podraza.

Unless you are going to the mailroom or you work for the Office of Student Media, you probably are not using this bathroom. If a bathroom is your ideal crying location, then this is probably the best as it is consistently empty.

5. Study rooms in the library

Best places to cry on campus 2015

Students Shashank Joshi, Ryan McNicholas, and Corey Hartman are hard at work. Photo by Amy Podraza.

You have been studying all day and you are stressed and annoyed. Thankfully, the library has many study rooms where you can be alone to do work and then cry on it too.

  • Vernon Miles

    This is a masterpiece

  • Bob

    This article is so gay it made me suck my friends dick when I read it

    • Dean

      Interesting excuse, Bob. Interesting excuse.

  • Lou

    Our school newspaper wants to be buzzfeed. This is sad.