A Pro’s Tips to On-Campus Pizza Delivery

We here at Fourth Estate enjoy our pizza. We enjoy it so much in fact that we order it every Friday for when we work on the print newspaper and have our weekly staff meeting (insert plug here about why it’s great to work for Fourth Estate).

Last week, our delivery man Rob from one of our fine local establishments offered some tips about ordering to campus. Well, we took Rob up on that offer because with 21 years of experience delivering to college campuses including 14 years at Mason, he seemed qualified to provide that advice.


Be specific about where you are on campus


Make sure the company knows where you want the pizza delivered. It seems like a given, but there have been plenty of times when someone ordered from the JC and miraculously expected their pizza to show up at their dorm. Don’t be afraid to be specific either. These drivers know the campus pretty well, so just tell them your building.

Rob says: “If you give us the exact building. If you give us the exact address. If you give us the valid phone number, that makes it pretty easy.”

Once the driver is on campus…


Again, this seems simple enough, but ultimately gets in the way of a timely, smooth and successful delivery. Outside of just knowing when your pizza is ready, the drivers have to fight with the same traffic and parking issues students have.

Rob says: “We can’t go into most buildings. They’re either locked or because of parking services and general lack of parking, we have to meet you downstairs.”

Save some money


Almost any pizza company that delivers to a college has student specials. Ask about them. Whether when you call in or order online, make sure to see if they can offer you a deal. Why not save yourself some money while spending all that money on tuition?

Rob says: “Maximize your money. You’re here all year. Whether it’s mom and dad’s money or your money, get the best value.”

Be sure to tip


Now Rob didn’t want to offer a range that people should tip delivery men, and I respect that. Talking to him, he goes out of his way to do the little things in an effort to make the delivery process easier. Notice these little things. We’re all just working hard trying to get by in this world. Help the delivery guy out with a few bucks. Especially if they’re good. Also, remember most times delivery fees are not gratuity. Delivery fees simply cover operating expenses.

Rob says: “Tips are optional. They are a reward from the customer to the delivery person for doing a good job.”