Five places for meat-free delights

Written by Fourth Estate Lifestyle Reporter Kyra Wiseman

Whether someone is meat-free for religious, ethical or health reasons, it can be hard to find a restaurant where dining options are not limited to only salads or side dishes. Everyone deserves a place where they can pick from a wide range of choices, and vegetarians and vegans are no exception.


Sunflower Vegetarian Restaurant
2531 Chain Bridge Road, Vienna

While not accessible through the CUE bus or the Gunston Go-Bus, the Sunflower is a prime place to go for vegetarian fare. With a menu jam-packed with vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options, it is no wonder that this little restaurant has captured the hearts of meat-free people all over the area. Dropping by for lunch is a must. Sunflower has a lunch menu from 11-4 Monday through Saturday, featuring a wide range of dishes for around $7 each, served with a house salad. Be sure to try one of their vegan desserts at the end of the meal!


East Wind
10414 Main Street, Fairfax

Located in Old Town Fairfax, East Wind is a Vietnamese restaurant. Go there for a delicious vegetarian pho with tofu. If seafood is part of your diet, there are also many other dishes that will suit your palette. For the bubble tea fan, try one of their 13 awesome flavors. Drop by for lunch and get the lemongrass sautéed with tofu as a part of their two lunch specials: one for $6.95, and the other for $9.95. You even get an appetizer and a soft drink with the second one. I would not recommend this restaurant for vegans because there are only a couple dishes that could be considered vegan.


Woodlands Indian Vegetarian Restaurant
4078 Jermantown Road, Fairfax

Woodlands Indian Vegetarian Restaurant is a short walk away from the Gold CUE bus. For reference, they are near the Walmart off that bus route. Everyday, they offer a tasty lunch buffet from 11:30 a.m.-3 p.m. for $8.95, and a full dinner menu after 5 p.m. For those new to Indian food, be sure to give it a try. There is a wide range of different vegetarian dishes to choose from and one is sure to tickle your fancy. I personally recommend the peanut butter masala. If unsure if something is vegan or not, just ask! It is also better to go earlier in the day, possibly for lunch on a weekend, as the restaurant can get packed with people.


Woodland’s Vegan Bistro
2928 Georgia Ave NW, Washington DC

A little ways away from the Columbia Heights stop on the Green and Yellow metro lines, this vegan restaurant offers a plethora of options for those who prefer to abstain from all animal products. There is a hot bar with two different daily entrees that can be served with any of their six rotating side dishes, many different salads and sandwiches. If you are in town on an early Sunday afternoon, stop by for brunch!


Courtside Thai Cuisine
3981 Chain Bridge Road, Fairfax

Located just off wwcampus, this Thai restaurant offers a number of vegetarian options in their extensive menu. While some dishes require a little digging to find, one can easily order their curries or main dishes with tofu instead of meat. With the long-awaited summer upon us, the outdoor seating is perfect for enjoying a meal in the sunlight. There are three different daily lunch specials for diners to enjoy. For those who are vegan or strict about their seafood consumption, be careful. Many Thai dishes are made with fish or oyster sauce.

(Photo by Amy Rose)