Bike to Mason fosters solidarity between bike lovers

Written by Fourth Estate Lifestyle Reporter Savannah Norton

On April 22, Bike to Mason Day took the Fairfax campus by storm celebrating and promoting bike culture at Mason.  Parking and Transportation Services sponsored the seventh annual event for cyclists coming and going around campus.

Students and employees were encouraged to leave their car at home and ride their bike into campus.

Interested attendees gathered in the front lawn of University Hall and were able to receive free bike tune-ups, eat snacks and mingle with other bike lovers on campus.

Participants were able to grab the free Cue bus, metro and Fairfax bike maps given to Parking and Transportation Services by Fairfax County’s Department of Transportation.  The Bike to Mason Day stand also had detailed information packets on Zipcar and Zimrides offered on campus for students.

Marina Budimir, transportation coordinator for Parking and Transportation, took charge of the event with the help of her GIS Intern Jessica Fayne.

“There is a strong bike culture on campus,” Budimir said. “The amount of cyclists has actually doubled over the past few years.”

Fayne designed the handy cloth Mason campus biking map that was handed out as a freebie for attendees.

“The cloth campus map would have to be my favorite thing offered for the students this year,” said Fayne, as it can be used to clean glasses and can easily be folded up to be stowed away while taking a ride.

“Biking to campus or around campus reduces traffic and makes students happy and healthy.  It keeps them physically active,” Budimir said.

There are bike racks all around campus as the number of bikes at Mason continues to increase.  The Fairfax, Arlington and Prince William campus are keeping up with the demand.

Parking and Transportation are excited to keep students updated on a potential bike rental program and are continuing to encourage students to use sustainable transportation.

(Photo by Amy Rose)