What we built while you were away

Coming back from Spring Break you may have noticed something a little different about our website. Well, maybe a lot different.

Last semester, we merged Connect2Mason and Broadside with the idea that we could better bring information to the Mason community. We wanted to create an organization that provides a way for students, faculty and community members to connect with what’s happening around campus.

We also wanted to build a website that would back up that vision.

Our hope is that the design and functionality of this site will back up the quality of the content that we produce. We want you to stick around, explore and learn more about the community. Our thought is that this website encourages those connections.

We’re going to be updating this site throughout the semester, the biggest piece being our archives. Currently, this website only has about 50 stories in it. If you’re looking for some of our older stories – don’t worry, they’re still here. Check out our archives page for what you’re looking for. Over time, all of our content will be posted to the website.

If you have any suggestions, questions or other comments – shoot us an email! We’d love to hear from you.