Photo Courtesy of Teah Gibson

Philosophy Club seeks to lighten the load.


If you’re the kind of person who not only gives things a second thought, but a third, or maybe even a fourth, meet the Philosophy Club. In the words of their president, Senior Savi Alam, the Philosophy Club strives to be the location for their twenty and counting members to share ideas and learn new perspectives.

Beyond that, Alam envisions the club as a foundation for new friendships to take root over hearty conversations about everything under the sun.

After all, the idea to create the club originated when Alam “debated heavily” with his classmate and Philosophy Club co-president Sophomore Kenan Mozaffar, during their religious studies course. The two sat down after class and engaged in an in-depth discussion. “In that instant I knew I found a friend,” Alam said.

Although discussions at the Philosophy Club can feature religious and political topics, the group is apolitical and nonreligious. The club operates with enough flexibility to allow members to unite and disagree on topics, as well as develop new perspectives.

Senior Rain Concepcion, marketer for the Philosophy Club, offered up his thoughts: “I think the club is important for deep and important discussions.”

In addition to engaging in wide-ranging conversations, the Philosophy Club enjoys continuing their fun outside of Mason by taking trips to art galleries, having picnics and movie nights.

Once, the club took a trip to the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria, VA. Alam expressed his admiration for the center: “So many different cultures, so many different ways of living, all in one place: I would love to visit again.”

Once a week, the Philosophy Club hosts Cookies and Conversations meetings. All are welcome to enjoy some sweet treats, meet the club members and “chat about anything they’re passionate about. Alam said.

Being a space for people to share their passions is vital for the group, because as Alam said, “When you come to Philosophy Club, you are your passions.”

Students can attend the club’s biweekly meetings where members and non-members alike can give presentations on topics that they feel deeply about. For those interested in connecting with GMU’s Philosophy Club, they can visit the club’s Instagram page and Discord.