Fourth Estate/Saahiti Kiran Chamala

Discover authentic Thai cuisine and cozy vibes just minutes from campus


Sisters Thai, a beloved eatery frequented by Mason students, offers an array of tantalizing dishes that cater to various preferences. From their renowned drunken noodles to a delightful selection of Thai curries, the restaurant ensures there is something for everyone including vegetarian, tofu or one of many meat selections such as chicken, pork, beef, shrimp and seafood. This place also lets patrons choose a preferred level of spice for their dish.

As one satisfied patron, Samri Tesfayi said, “I’m drunk in love with their drunken noodles,” while highlighting the chicken wontons as her favorite appetizer.

According to Mason sophomore Sthuthi Chakravarthy, the cuisine strikes a perfect balance between spice and flavor, providing a refreshing departure from typical Southside dining experiences. Complementing the culinary delights is the cozy ambiance that Mason freshman Maya Griffin, describes as emitting “cozy library cafe vibes.”

Conveniently situated in close proximity to Mason, reaching Sisters Thai is a breeze, whether opting for an 18-minute stroll or a brief 10-minute bus ride. For those opting for public transport, the Green 1, Green 2 or Gold 2 buses followed by a short 5-minute walk are recommended routes, with the Transloc app offering seamless navigation of Mason shuttles. If driving there, parking in Old Town Fairfax can be difficult, so arrive early to have plenty of time to find a parking spot.

Affordability is another highlight, with Griffin noting that the cost mirrors that of a Chipotle bowl with steak and guacamole but offers a healthier, superior alternative. Sisters Thai attracts a steady stream of Mason students and residents of Fairfax. 

The restaurant’s curry dishes along with their pad thai and drunken noodles garner notable praise. Poon, the seasoned restaurant manager, emphasizes the enduring appeal of Thai cuisine, contrasting it with the monotony of hamburgers and pizzas. He said, “You can get tired of hamburgers and pizzas, but for me personally, I can have Thai food everyday and never get bored.”

Despite its modest size, Sisters Thai can quickly fill up, prompting a recommendation to call ahead and secure a reservation, especially for larger groups.

In Thai, they say, “กินให้อร่อย,” which translates to “eat well.” Sisters Thai ensures just that, inviting patrons to savor a delectable culinary journey that embodies both quality and affordability.