Fourth Estate/ Valentina Fala

The World Citizen Club gives students the chance to volunteer and make an impact


Nowadays many people feel scared and powerless in front of the tragedies happening all around the world. One may want to make a change, but does not have the resources, time or confidence to take action. At Mason, students are encouraged to accept diversity and multiculturalism by joining student organizations that give them the tools to be active participants and leaders of society for a better future.

The World Citizen Club is one of many student organizations at Mason, but it goes beyond creating networking connections. This club seeks to make a difference in today’s society by actively supporting universal rights and the concept of world citizenship. 

The World Citizen Club was created with world citizenship in mind, which connects every citizen of the world together under the same philosophy. Lisette Osei-Kufuor, the club officer in charge of advocacy and asynchronous events, said “world citizenship is the idea that although we have borders that separate us, we are still human and we all have duties as humans to uplift and support each other.”

Having previously contributed to the UNITE campaign from the United Nations, this student organization at Mason was conceptualized in the summer 2022 and now has six officers on the executive board.

The World Citizen Clubs gives students the resources to participate in activism. Students who join the organization promote togetherness with the help of globalization and advocate others on global issues that deal with international law and human rights. 

The Word Citizen Club holds regular events for club members and volunteers to engage in their local communities. The most recent event involved recycling cobalt mostly mined from Congo. Osei-Kufuor created a Google Form where students can find accessible and easy ways to dispose of electronics such as cell phones and computers that contain cobalt. Instead of becoming technological waste, they will be recycled.

Members can get involved both in-person and asynchronous. Past events of the club include volunteering at the World Culture Festival in DC for sustainability, making cards for senior homes and virtually raising awareness on violence against women and children.

To learn more about how you can get involved with World Citizen Club, join their GroupMe to and visit their Instagram