Fourth Estate/Camille Brayshaw

“Too Tired to be Crazy”


The podcast “Too Tired to Be Crazy,” created by Violet Benson, serves as a space for women to vent and come together to discuss a wide range of topics including sex, relationships, stereotypes, mental health and astrology. It features guest speakers from unique backgrounds who share tips and give advice on situations they’ve experienced.

The first episode I listened to was called “Bad B—- Bootcamp.” The episode was focused on how to reinvent yourself and become the best version of yourself; I remember listening to it and being shocked at how outspoken and unfiltered Benson was. 

“We’re focusing on removing bad habits from unhealthy beliefs about ourselves and others. We are no longer subscribing to the need of tricking and controlling people into loving us. Even if we think we’re being selfless, it’s actually selfish,” she said.

“No one cares, girls. Exactly. But yet we still try to impress those people that we think care and stuff you know trying to buy these nice things and impress people but it doesn’t even matter,” she said in the episode titled “Daddy Issues.” 

Benson’s content aims to relate to women in college, covering topics that encompass the struggles and different things women go through daily. The overarching theme throughout all the episodes is empowerment for women whether that be sexually or emotionally, this podcast has your back. 

“When I started creating these podcasts I wasn’t planning on growing or changing as a person. It just happened,” Benson said. “While you guys started to grow with me, I created something for other people that have helped them grow. I always find it so cool that it ended up helping me more than I could have ever imagined.”

This podcast has helped me navigate college life confidently, as a woman who has the ability to make her own choices and do as she pleases.

“Don’t blame your issues for anything you’re doing between your legs, be proud of whatever you are doing,” Benson advised. “Just do you.”