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Dominic Pino is an opinion columnist for the Fourth Estate who writes about current events and GMU issues. A member of the class of 2021, he is pursuing a degree in Economics with a concentration in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (PPE).
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OPINION: Customary Units Appreciation Day

By Dominic Pino, Contributor May 20, 1875 was a dark day in human history.  On that fateful day, a gaggle of diplomats convened in Paris — where all disastrous diplomatic gaggles convene — and erased centuries of human history in…

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OPINION: Going postal

By Dominic Pino, Columnist Donald Trump stubbornly refuses to let himself be categorized.  This is maddening to political scientists and pundits, people who make a living categorizing politicians.  Nobody seems to know what to do with this guy. The primary…

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OPINION: Ramble on

By Dominic Pino, Columnist Every once in a while, an event transpires that shakes us.  We become confident in our ability to forecast events because, after all, the world is the same each day, and we know how it works….

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OPINION: There’s no such thing as a free Scantron

By Dominic Pino, Columnist It’s midterm season, aka scantron season.  We all love scantrons because it means there is a multiple choice exam on the horizon.  We also love these little green or blue slips of paper for their low…

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OPINION: Good Cops, Bad Cops

By Dominic Pino, Columnist On Feb. 14, a gunman opened fire and killed 17 people at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.  This we all know.  However, there was a lesser known event on Feb. 20 that allows for…


OPINION: A modest proposal-start studying in the slobby

By Dominic Pino, Columnist I am writing this column from my favorite place to study at Mason.  There are many great places to study on the Fairfax campus.  Fenwick Library with its comfy chairs and quiet study rooms.  The Johnson…


OPINION: What’s the deal with compromise?

By Dominic Pino, Columnist Compromise, compromise, compromise.  Every discussion about Congress is obsessed with compromise.  Republicans should compromise with Democrats, Democrats should compromise with Republicans, the House should compromise with the Senate, Congress should compromise with the White House, they…