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I'm Cat, the Online Editor for the Fourth Estate. I manage our website and social media accounts. I'm currently a senior in her last semester, looking for a path post-grad! Follow me on Twitter: @CatherineEMcKay
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When Eleven Nations Come Under a Single Roof

By Diana Nadira and Arham Muhammad, Contributors The Community College Initiative (CCI) Program is an international exchange program sponsored by the U.S. Department of State in collaboration with the Community College Consortium (CCC) and the Bureau of Educational and Cultural…

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First meeting of new student government

Mason’s 39th Student Senate met for the first time on Thursday, April 26, 2018 in Merten Hall. New student government members were sworn into office, elected to senate leadership positions, and voted to confirm appointments to the new executive cabinet….

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Making our mark at Mason

By Veronica T. Brown, Fourth Estate Intern and Mason LIFE Member Do you know what the Mason LIFE Program is? The Mason LIFE Program is a post secondary program for students with intellectual and physical disabilities who are seeking a…

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OPINION: Outdoor Classrooms: Good on Paper, Bad in Practice

By William Barnhart, Columnist With the weather changing, many people are going outside to take advantage of the pleasant conditions. More activities are taking place outside, and some students even hope to have their lectures outdoors. Unfortunately, such opportunities are…

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APA Heritage Month celebrates the diversity of Asian Americans

Asian American students led a discussion on the challenges and stereotypes they face By Diana Nadira, Contributor As a part of ODIME’s Asian Pacific American Heritage (APAH) month celebration, a panel discussion on “Dreams, possibilities and challenges for APA students”…

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Recycling at Mason

By Stephanie Gomez, Contributor Mason’s Recycling and Waste Management team, Office of Sustainability and student researchers funded by the Patriot Green Fund (PGF)  are creating and managing ways to adopt recycling routines for students, staff and faculty. “We need to…

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A not so tiny movement

By Nancy Nyamaa, Contributor The demand for eco-friendly tiny houses is on the rise due to the lifestyle’s affordability, as demonstrated by shows such as “Tiny House Hunters” on HGTV. Tiny houses are typically 80 to 600 square-feet and are…

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OPINION: Green is the new black

By Kim Bartenfelder, Contributor The idyllic model that a majority of college students are versed in the literature and implementation of environmental matters is heavily dramaticized. While not entirely our fault, we as students live by a one-day acknowledgment and…

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OPINION: Both parties can find common ground on climate change

By Jimmy O’Hara, Contributor When responding to a changing climate, mitigation and adaptation are not one and the same.  Across media and public discourse, conversations about climate change are often framed in terms of mitigation, leaving adaptation efforts overshadowed.  With…

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‘ADVANCE’ Mason partnership helps NOVA transfers

A Successful Partnership Leads a Long Way By Kathya Mendez, Staff Writer Mason is one of the largest public institutions in the Commonwealth of Virginia, with 35,189 students. However, for many years, transfer students have struggled to transition smoothly from…