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I'm Cat, the Online Editor for the Fourth Estate. I manage our website and social media accounts. I'm currently a senior in her last semester, looking for a path post-grad! Follow me on Twitter: @CatherineEMcKay

Meet the Candidates: Benjamin Olsen & Sara Babcock

Name: Benjamin Olsen Major: Government & International Politics  Year: Junior Position: Student Body President Why are you running for this position? I am running for the position of Student Body President because I have served in the Student Government for the…

Meet the Candidates: Holden Spence & Chra Darwesh

Name: Holden Spence Major: Global Affairs  Year: Rising Senior Position for candidacy: President Why are you running for this position? I’ve always been an advocate and tried to be a voice for those who have felt that their voice wasn’t heard. By running for President…

Meet the Candidates: Patrick Grady & Amir Jones

Name: Patrick Grady Major: Government and International Affairs Year: Sophomore Position for candidacy: Student Body President Why are you running for this position? I have been in Student Government my entire collegiate career because I believe in creating positive change…

Meet the Candidates: Bekah Pettine & Erik Truong

  Name: Bekah Pettine Major: Government and International Politics and Communication with a Concentration in Journalism Year: Junior Position for candidacy: Student Body President Why are you running for this position? Over the course of three years, I have had…


Technicolor explores the diversity in film industry

ROOSEVELT @ MASON CONUDCTED A PANEL EXPLORING DIVERSITY IN THE FILM INDUSTRY By Diana Nadira & Muhammad Arham, Staff Writers On Feb. 27, Roosevelt @ Mason organized a panel discussion called “Technicolor Was Never Meant to Be So White” about…

Alumni and students visit state delegates and senators in Richmond. Photo by Evan Cantwell/Creative Services/George Mason University

House of Delegates stalls on bill to cap tuition rates

BUT OTHER LEGISLATION MOVES FORWARD TO PROTECT STUDENT LOANS BORROWERS By Michael Eberhart, News Editor A new bill introduced to the Virginia House of Delegates that would cap college tuition rates for four years has stalled in the appropriations committee….

Illustration by Mary Jane DeCarlo

Nic’s Flicks

  KEY 4 = Great; 3 = Good; 2 = Fair; 1 = Poor; 0 = Ooh, let’s not go there Black Panther stands out in the superhero genre because it never shies away from themes that remain in conflict…

African American 2

Hidden gems inside the National African American Museum

By Muhammad Arham, Contributor On Feb. 14th, I visited the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington D.C. as recommended by my professor. I entered the museum with a giveaway ticket that is available during the weekdays….

OPINION: Compost On Campus

By Katie Russell, Contributor A little known fact about Mason’s Fairfax campus is that composting is available on campus to students, faculty, staff and anyone who wants to compost. Composting is the process of turning food scraps, yard waste and…


OPINION: More Must be Done to Replace Robinson Hall

By William Barnhart, Columnist Last year, the demolition of Robinson Hall was announced in order to accomodate space for a new building. Some say that it’s a great opportunity to improve the campus, but I think it’s a very flawed…