Fourth Estate/Madalyn Godfrey

Mason Day held, despite inclement weather.


On April 28th, 2023, Mason held its longest-running tradition of the Mason Day event. Although its tradition, this year’s event faced one of its toughest adversaries, inclement weather.

With the event being held outdoors, students in attendance endured cold and heavy rain throughout the seven hour event, some finding shelter underneath tents and umbrellas, while others wore ponchos to keep from being drenched by the downpouring rain.

The rain’s dismal presence did not only dampen clothes but for some students, their spirits. Sophomore Kristen Hill, expressed her frustration with the gloomy weather occurring on a day and event that she was looking forward to.

“My Mason Day has been cold and dreary, I mean my clothes are all wet… it’s a little depressing not gonna lie. As a college student, I want time to take a break, take a load off from all my hard work, but I’m disappointed especially compared to last year,” said Hill.

Junior Alix Upchurch also provided her own insight on the event, focusing on unforeseen possibilities of rescheduling.

“Who wants to be out here wet… we’re trying to make the most of what we got but it would have been a little bit nicer if it was not raining. However, if they had moved it to another day, who knows what that weather would have been like,” said Upchurch.

Upchurch then went on to suggest that organizers should “definitely have a rain date, so if this happens again, we have another date to go off of.”

The disappointment didn’t end there, as the artists for Mason Day were equally dismayed by the unexpected conditions that the weather had brought.

Student performer Nate Haile, a Mason rapper known as Young 5, was saddened by the outcome of the weather. But despite the rain, Haile opted to remain positive and make the most out of the occasion.

“It’s raining, I want some sunshine, but it’s okay… People are still out here with their umbrellas and raincoats, and it’s really nice to see the Mason community all here together and I’m really excited to rap for them. I’m gonna go out there, I’m gonna give them energy, I’m gonna get them hype, and I’m gonna turn it up so that way we can all have a good time,” said Haile.

Although postponing Mason Day would have been the obvious decision for the event organizers to make, Patriot Activity Council’s Team Lead graduate student Cristina Casais shared with students the behind-the-scenes challenges that prevented organizers from doing so.

“When you have an event of this scale, it’s really difficult to reschedule because we have a ton of people that we’re not only relying on, but they’re relying on us. We have vendors that are coming and the artists who are traveling in… so that’s a lot of travel plans scheduled on our end and it’s a lot of behind-the-scenes things that people don’t really see. So while it’s easy to be like, ‘Yeah it’s raining, just reschedule.’ We can’t. But we’re making the most out of it! I think everybody has still been having a good time so far and they’re making the most out of the rain,” said Casais.

Sophomore Jackson Howser was among the many students that attended Mason Day and had a great time, sharing his experience with those who stayed in and missed out on this year’s festival.  

“You’re missing out! I mean they didn’t reschedule it so you had to be here and just make the most out of it, I know it’s not ideal but it still went on, and those that are here are definitely enjoying it,” said Howser.

Despite the rainy weather dampening the event’s regular festivities, this year’s Mason Day showcased the dedication demonstrated by the event organizers and the Mason community, continuing the university’s longest-running tradition through rain or shine!