Fourth Estate/Brad Byrne

Student Government voted on five pieces of legislation.


On Nov. 3, the Student Senate met to vote on five pieces of legislation:

Resolution #34: A Solution to Support the Iranian Community at George Mason University

Passed unanimously 36-0.

Resolution #35: A Resolution to Push for Increased Frequency of Cleanings of the Johnson Center Meditation Space

Passed 34-0 with two abstentions. 

Resolution #36: A Resolution to Implement a Form for Student Body Input Regarding Diversity, Inclusion, and Multicultural Affairs

Passed 35-0 with one abstention.

Resolution #37: A Resolution to Establish the Inclusion of the Jewish High Holidays on the Mason Academic Calendar

Passed unanimously 35-0.

Resolution #38: A Resolution to Support the DACA Community

Passed unanimously 36-0.

Vote on Appointing Mitchell Brownwell to the Parking Board

Passed 33-0 with one abstention.

In terms of eventful moments during the meeting, while discussing Resolution #37, Senator Max Applebaum noted, “When’s the last time you had to ask for an exemption on Christmas?” when lobbying in support of the resolution.

Zoe Winter, the Undersecretary of Identity Affairs, notably was emotional and delivered a powerful speech in support of the DACA community from the gallery during a discussion of Resolution #38.

Winter spoke about her own family’s experience escaping the Holocaust, “It’s really important to care about issues that you might not be directly affected by because everybody is a person and we all deserve to have the same opportunity to live and to be happy in all of those things.”

Student Government meets Thursdays at 4:30 p.m., their meeting location can be found on their Instagram