Fourth Estate/Alexis McCaffrey

Cafein in Centreville


A cute hole-in-the-wall coffee shop called Cafein in the Newgate Shopping Center in Centreville, VA has me rethinking where to get my next latte. The next time you get a latte it will be from here and not Starbucks. Let me tell you why.

Cafein has its own special line of espresso beans that are almost unique as its name and atmosphere that I guarantee will please your Instagram aesthetic. 

Expert barista, Lauren Yoo says, “When we first founded Cafein, we wanted to make it a unique name. We wanted people to always have Cafein in the back of their minds when they thought about specialty coffee”. 

Cafein is a specialty coffee shop that originated in Chantilly and has now expanded to Centreville, VA right next to campus. 

“Cafein’s Centreville location opened in January 2020. It has been two years since the small yet intimate space opened up allowing us to expand our Cafein family and offer more coffee to a new audience” said Yoo.

Cafein’s Centreville location captures your heart the moment you walk in the door. The smell of coffee captures your senses while your eyes transfix all the beautiful flowers arranged around the store.

“Coffee is an experience. We want to portray coffee not just as its craft but as a memory one can remember. A memory not from the first sip but from the first step you make entering into our store ” said Yoo.

Cafein focuses on making memories and positive experiences for each customer that walks in the door.

“Cafein changes people. With bright and welcoming spirits, we always aim to treat each and every customer with utmost care and detailed attention. As someone who is proud to be with Cafein, seeing our customers with warm hearts opening up to us is the greatest achievement” said Yoo.

Their unique designs for our lattes range from hearts to even bears and cats in your coffee. They also offer more than just coffee, perhaps even a bite to eat as well.

“The sandwiches are limited at the Centreville location due to the tight space but they have this Honey B sandwich that is absolutely amazing,” said Yoo. The Honey B sandwich contains 

The Honey B sandwich which is only available at Centreville contains bacon, arugula, tomato, sriracha mayo truffle honey all on a freshly baked croissant. 

“ I, as an employee, eat it every time I visit it. Pastries as well, Centreville focuses on croissant pastries like chocolates croissants, almond croissants, kouig ammans and much more” said Yoo.

Cafein’s atmosphere treats, and coffee makes for the perfect spot to hang out with friends or study for an upcoming test. The Cafein Centreville located on Lee Highway location is a 22-minute drive (traffic included) from campus. 

“The Centreville location is small yet intimate. It is the perfect place to grab and go when you need your perfect coffee fix. However, with its sleek, modern and refreshing atmosphere, it’s definitely worthwhile to take in the architecture while enjoying coffee” said Yoo.