“We Said What We Said” podcast


With their colorful personalities, internet stars Denzel Dion and Rickey Thompson give listeners an insight into their lives and opinions in their new podcast, “We Said What We Said.”

Their podcast allows them to speak their minds unapologetically while being “booked and busy.” The two best friends share their advice and experiences with all things sex, pop culture, love and friendship. 

Dion and Thompson first became famous on the app Vine with their, often goofy, 6-second videos. When Vine shut down, they migrated to making videos on Youtube. Dion’s career took off when his videos rating celebrities’ outfits at awards shows gained popularity. Meanwhile, Thompson became known for his dancing, fashion and confidence-inspiring videos. 

Each episode of “We Said What We Said” starts with a teaser of the day’s discussion topic that lures the listener in. Afterwards, their theme song — as upbeat and quirky as the hosts themselves — plays and kicks off the episode. The episodes are also riddled with special sound effects such as a phone ringing when Rickey mimics his mother. 

In the first episode, the hosts talk about OnlyFans, a subscription platform where people post (often risqué) content and get paid by their subscribers. Both were open and honest about their experiences on the platform. Thompson said he pays about $200 a month and is subscribed to 147 people. And Dion said he pays about $105 a month and is subscribed to 123 people. 

They also don’t mince their words and say whatever is on their minds. For example, Thompson talks in an episode about how he thought he was going to end up on OnlyFans, against his consent, when he was with a guy. Many people can relate to this because of the threat of leaked sex tapes and prevalence of revenge porn. There are many instances when people don’t know they’re being recorded. This issue is particularly important to members of the LGBTQ+ community, where there is always a fear of being exposed. 

Despite talking about deeper topics and personal experiences, Rickey and Denzel make the listener feel like a part of the conversation. The experience can be compared to two best friends spilling the tea with a stranger.

It is also important to see Black people — especially those in the LGBTQ+ community — having a platform to talk about their lives and what is important to them.