Last Week in the News

Monday, April 13

  • Virginia Gov. Northam makes Election Day a state holiday and expands early voting.
  • At least 16 dead as tornadoes tear through the South.
  • Senator Bernie Sanders endorses former vice president Joe Biden for president.

Tuesday, April 14

  • Former president Barack Obama endorses Biden for president.
  • President Donald Trump announces he will halt funding for the World Health Organization. 
  • Pennsylvania House approves bill to reopen businesses if they follow the CDC guidelines on social distancing. 

Wednesday, April 15

  • Treasury Department announces Trump’s name will be printed on stimulus checks.
  • March 2020 is reported to be the first March without a school shooting since 2002. 
  • Protests erupt in Lansing, Mich. after Gov. Whitmer extended and expanded strict social distancing rules. 

Thursday, April 16 

  • Labor Department announces another five million people filed jobless claims, bringing the total to 22 million claims in one month. 
  • Land O’ Lakes drops racist Native American image from packages after 100 years. 
  • Navajo officials work to flatten the curve as coronavirus continues to spread in the nation’s largest Native American reservation. 

Friday, April 17 

  • Glitches and “payment status not available” message prevent $1,200 stimulus checks from reaching millions of Americans. 
  • Michael Che of “SNL” announces he will pay one month’s rent for public housing tenants where his grandmother, who died of COVID-19, lived. 
  • Trump unveils “Opening Up America” plan and aims to reopen states as soon as May 1.