Photo Courtesy of Paul Wyche

The Keen/Magpiong and Wyche/Palumbo tickets faced off in Executive Ticket Debate.


Four candidates from two campaigns participated in the spring Student Government Executive Ticket Debate on March 28 in the Johnson Center.

The two tickets running are Liam Keen for President and Amanda Magpiong for Vice President, and Paul Wyche for President and Nell Palumbo for Vice President. 

The candidates debated on issues like diversity, why students should care about Student Government and accessibility on campus.

Photo Courtesy of Liam Keen

The Keen/Magpiong campaign strongly emphasized that Student Government had been giving the student body empty promises without success, or bringing new solutions to old problems. They emphasized their success in finding multiple clubs on campus and wanting to empower all students to make the changes on campus they want.

Meanwhile, the Wyche/Palumbo reiterated their success in making Mason a place for all. Wyche came out in support of being against Gov. Youngkin as the Spring 2023 Commencement Speaker, while Nell emphasized her work in Student Government in making Mason Lobbies happen. Together, they hope to put the focus back on students and hold those in power accountable.

On why Mason students should vote for them, the Wyche/Palumbo campaign said “The big thing for us is making sure that everybody who steps foot into this university is truly represented and making sure Mason is a place for all.”

“We want to make sure students feel that their voices are heard and showing action that is truly heard.”

Meanwhile, the Keen/Magpiong campaign said “I think it’s very clear. Mason students should vote for us because when we are voted in as Student Body President and Vice President, you will see the change and you will feel the change.”

“Why would you vote for someone who’s been in office this entire time and hasn’t exacted this change? They say they’re going to bring about change, but where has it been? You’ve promised us change, you promise you’re going to bring new solutions, then you tell us that we’re making empty promises, but that’s all you’ve done these past two years. We’re making promises to the student body that we know that we can keep because we’ve already been working towards those goals.”

Mason students can vote for Student Government candidates from April 3 to April 7 on Mason360.