Hidden Hangouts: University Mall Theaters

Fourth Estate/Peter NjorogeCross the street and enjoy the movie magic


The first half of February has come and gone, which means we have already witnessed the biggest movie event of the year: the Oscars! Mid-February is that time of year when we all like to pretend that we’re movie experts and cast our predictions about which filmmakers will be taking home the tiny golden man. 

Because of our differing opinions, there comes the awkward moment when we all want to give our two cents about the movies that were nominated and the ones that won. 

If you’re anything like me, you and the academy have very different tastes when it comes to movies. I have spent my time and money on movies like “Avengers: Endgame” and “Spiderman: Far From Home,” while those at the academy decided to nominate movies like “Ford v Ferrari.” 

To each his own, I guess.

Fear not, though, for in this week’s Hidden Hangouts, you will be directed to the place that will solve all your problems — or at least this one!  

Right across the street from campus, University Mall Theaters offers people a chance to watch those movies that exist in limbo. These are the movies that have left the big screen but haven’t made it to the small screen, i.e. your laptop.

Once you discover it, you’ll find yourself a frequent visitor of the theater. The films they offer are constantly changing and cater to different moviegoers. 

The best part is definitely the incomparable prices they offer. Because their movies have already been removed from other theaters, University Mall Theaters is able to offer their selection at a very competitive price. While a regular ticket is already incredibly cheap, with your Mason ID the price goes down to only $4. Also, you can grab a free ticket from the Patriot Activities Council in the Student Involvement office in the HUB. 

Additionally, there is a small arcade by the entrance where you and your friends can hang out until the start of your movie.

 But even if you are not the biggest movie fan, there are still some unique events offered by University Mall Theaters that might pique your interest. Every Saturday at midnight, University Mall Theaters shows the old musical “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” While the movie is showing, actors from the Fairfax community — including some Mason students — shadow the cult classic, sometimes adding their own lyrics and lines as they go along.

So, if you need a break from the stress of classes next week, just cross the street over to the University Mall Theater for a much-needed, two-hour getaway from all your troubles.