More Money, Less Problems

How to get around without breaking the bank


Fourth Estate / Billy Ferguson

The cheapest parking pass you can get at Mason is $120, and it’s located all the way over on West Campus. Additionally, that pass doesn’t include gas or any other car-related expenses. If you don’t live on campus and don’t have a car, the Metro can also put a hole in your wallet, as you run back and forth between your house or apartment and campus. Here are some tips to get you around transportation costs at Mason.


The way I get around usually is through the CUE Bus System. They connect me to all of Fairfax, allowing me to travel to my cheap laundromat (so I don’t smell like a dump), go to the local mall to buy pints of ice cream and find restaurants I always promise myself I will try one day. The bus drivers are also super nice; one drove me out of her way to the aforementioned laundromat after the bus went out of service for the night.


I can’t count how many times the free Mason shuttles have come through in a pinch. There are ones that can take you to the local Metro station, the Sci-Tech campus, Walmart, Brion’s Grille or even West Campus, if you don’t want to walk that far. Keep updated on when your shuttle will be coming by using the Shuttle Tracker or Mobile Mason app.

Traveling around the Fairfax area can become confusing and expensive quickly. However, there are so many great places in the area — from the Newseum in D.C. to Target in Fair Lakes Center — that everyone should explore. Check them out and have an adventure!