Last Week in Politics

Monday, Sept. 30

  • The Federal Aviation Administration certifies UPS drone delivery business; becomes nation’s first.
  • House committee chairs subpoenas Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani.
  • GOP Rep. Chris Collins resigns from congress following insider trading charges. 
  • Trump reportedly pressured Austrailian prime minister to help Attorney General William Bar find information on the mueller investigation.

Tuesday, Oct. 1

  • Senator and democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders experiences chest discomfort during campaign event; undergoes heart surgery to put two stents into place. It was later confirmed that Sanders had a heart attack.
  • A federal court rules that the FCC cannot bar states from passing their own net neutrality laws. 
  • Republican Chuck Grassely defends the Ukraine whistleblower.

Wednesday, Oct. 2

  • Ex-Dallas police officer is sentenced to 10 years after entering the wrong apartment and killing her neighbor.
  • Pompeo confirms he was on call with President Trump during call with Ukraine president.
  • Ed Buck, well-known Democratic donor, was indicted for distributing meth. 

Thursday, Oct. 3

  • House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy calls on Speaker Nancy Pelosi to suspend impeachment inquiry into President Trump.
  • Four officers stabbed to death by employee in Paris police headquarters.
  • Authorities extend curfew to more Iraqi cities as death toll rises from protests.
  • Energy Secretary Rick Perry expected to resign in November.

Friday, Oct. 4

  • Iran-linked group tried to hack U.S. 2020 presidential campaigns, Microsoft says.
  • Actress Diahann Carroll dies at the age of 84. 
  • Supreme Court will hear arguments on issue of abortion for the first time since Kavanaugh’s appointment.
  • According to The Hill, the U.S. added 136,000 jobs in September.