Getting Fit With Mason Fitness

Alexis Glenn


Three years ago I entered the world of weightlifting, and the impact it’s had on my life is monumental. I felt bigger, stronger and more confident, and now, I always try to find time to stop by the gym during the week. When I heard about the amount of work I could expect in college, I was worried that I would no longer have the time to do the activity that I loved so much. So I was relieved during orientation to hear that there was a presentation regarding opportunities for on-campus physical activity. And I can say that I was really impressed.

Mason offers plenty of opportunities for students to work out. Between the three gym facilities and numerous clubs available, students can find all kinds of things to do that appeal to their style of exercising.

I’ve already paid a visit to two of the three athletic facilities, the Recreation and Athletic Complex (RAC) and Skyline Fitness. Both offer a great variety of equipment for students to use like treadmills, bicycles, elliptical machines, bench presses, squat racks, dumbbells, and a plethora of other machines that can target basically every muscle group you can think of. That being said, the RAC leaves room to be desired and feels a bit cramped, in my opinion. However, the smaller space doesn’t impede students from getting a good workout in.

Skyline is by far my favorite gym facility to go to. It’s big, it’s open, and the structure of the building lets in a lot of natural light, which may not be very important when you’re working out, but makes it a more pleasant place to be in.

I haven’t been to the Aquatic Fitness Center (AFC) yet, which as the name suggests, contains swimming pools and saunas, however the distance it is from my classes makes it impractical for me to go.

Mason also offers Mason Trails: 2.9 miles worth of trails that connect to Fairfax city and county, great for walking, running or biking on. In addition to the trails there are tennis courts, the RAC and West Campus Park fields, and the EDGE, an elevated, outdoor team-building exercise located on the Science and Technology Campus.

And finally, club sports. Mason offers: club badminton, Brazilian jiu jitsu, crew, equestrian, fencing, field hockey, log rolling, powerlifting, quidditch, running, squash, swimming, tae kwon do, tennis, trap and skeet, and underwater hockey. So there really is something for everyone.

Having recreation so easily accessible has helped me maintain a regular workout schedule. Because of the workload I have from my classes, I don’t have as much time to go to the gym as I used to. Having gym facilities on campus has really helped me stay in shape, as I am able to stop by one and work out in between my classes.

I think it’s really great that Mason offers so many opportunities for students to work out. As I discussed in a previous article, it’s very easy for college students to put on weight due to the sedentary lifestyle that is brought about through many hours of studying. Having easily accessible methods of exercise is a great way to help students maintain good health, motivate them to work out and have some fun!