Letter from the Editor

Dear Patriots,

“When will we be at the point [in the semester] where I can say that my big achievement for the week is putting a section together?” asked our Sports Editor, Natalie, earlier this weekend. 

I think that’s a valid thing to ask at this point, if you want my opinion.

I feel like this may be premature to say — also, I’m so sorry to all my professors for this — but this is the part of the semester where all we can manage is to attend our classes and hope for the best. 

Meanwhile, my counterpart and Co Editor-in-Chief, Hailey, is making waves with our new weekly newsletter, Fourth Estate Weekly. 

But I’m writing the most-anticipated Letter from the Editor of the week, so let’s not compare our achievements. 

You know, if I’m being 100 percent honest with everyone, I practically begged my friend and former Managing Editor, Basma Humadi, to ghostwrite this for me. And it’s usually only a little more than 300 words. 

She respectfully declined. 

Though I might not be overly energetic about greeting you all with my witty observational humor, I am excited for the paper we’ve put together for you guys. 

We’ve got some excellent content for you guys this week. Our News section wrote about the role of Mason’s newest faculty senate chair, Shannon Davis. Culture touched on the hottest places to drop in the next time you find yourself on the CUE Bus. Sports has given us the opportunity to learn more about one of Mason’s women’s soccer stars and Opinion has provided all of you with a wide variety of ideas and values. 

As always, if you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to reach out to us at masonfourthestate@gmail.com



Dana Nickel

Co Editor-in-Chief