Considering Study Abroad to Mason Korea?

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Meeting with Mason Korea Coordinator, Grace Lee


Grace Lee, the Mason Korea Campus Coordinator at Fairfax, takes an important role in helping students with study abroad within the Mason community. Lee works closely with University Life, especially with the Assistant Dean of University Life, Dr. Lori Scher. A part of Lee’s job is to assist students with questions about transitioning to the Mason Fairfax campus and the Mason Korea campus, getting campus resources, and understanding other non-academic inquiries. Lee’s goal is to let students in Mason Fairfax and Mason Korea see themselves as one in the Mason community and help students to have a smooth transition from one campus to the other for the full Mason experience. Regarding Lee’s important role as liaison of both campuses, The Voice took a deeper look into her position and service.

Prior to becoming the Mason Korea Campus Coordinator, Lee said she has always been interested in international education with a focus on working with Korean students. With her past experience in Seoul National University and other universities in South Korea, Lee has helped prepare students to study abroad in the U.S. or other English-speaking countries.

“It’s students who make my position so enjoyable,” Lee said. Students would share their experiences abroad with her, whether it is meeting great professors, getting involved in organizations, or traveling around the country. “In particular, I love to hear students having a great experience at Fairfax or Mason Korea, and I’ve met many students who have had transformative experiences from their time in GMU Fairfax or GMU Korea!” Lee said.

Talking about study abroad, a common question Lee is often asked is: What are some important processes that students need to go through before studying abroad. “The process could not be simpler!” Lee said. The process begins with completing a simple application form. Then, students will need to set up an appointment with Grace to walk through further steps of the study abroad application. “Our goal is to make studying at GMU Korea and GMU Fairfax as rewarding as possible.”

Despite her lengthy experience working with students who are interested in studying abroad, she has not gotten the chance to work in the Mason Korea campus. Nonetheless, Lee has always worked closely with many of the staff at Mason Korea and has regular Skype meetings. She gladly shared that working and connecting closely with Mason Korea staff feels like she has been to the Mason Korea campus. “I hope to meet them in person one day soon!” Lee said.

Lee’s office is located in Merten Hall 3100 at the Mason Fairfax campus. Lee is willing to meet with students by appointments. She is also available by phone at 703-993-5961 or by email at